Part of speech: adverb

During all time; always.

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Usage examples "evermore":

  1. Yet it is clear that he considered himself as belonging to the class of the poor, rather than that of the rich, from the following verses: " The base are rich, the good are poor; and yet Our virtue for their gold we would not change; For that at least is ours for evermore, While wealth we see from hand to hand doth range." - "Plutarch's Lives, Volume I (of 4)", Plutarch.
  2. " O praise the Hand that giveth, And giveth evermore, To every soul that liveth Abundance flowing o'er! - "My Life as an Author", Martin Farquhar Tupper.
  3. Far and wide he sought them over sea and shore; Foolish is the tale that says he ever found them, brought them home in triumph,- Joys that once escape us fly for evermore. - "The Poems of Henry Van Dyke", Henry Van Dyke.