Part of speech: noun

Good news; a gospel.

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Usage examples "evangel":

  1. She ended with a great sigh; and Hester thought if the unseen sister required the comfort of the one before her, whose evangel just uttered was as gloomy as herself, how very unhappy she must be. - "Weighed and Wanting", George MacDonald.
  2. She went away, up Savin Street, disappointed; wishing that she could have sent instant help to Mary Moxall, who, she thought, could not withstand the evangel of Hilary Vireo's presence. - "The Other Girls", Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney.
  3. Warschauer, J., The New Evangel; Jesus: Seven Questions; Anti- Nunquam; Jesus or Christ? - "Modern Substitutes for Christianity", Pearson McAdam Muir.