Part of speech: noun

A game of cards.

Part of speech: verb

In the game of euchre, to check ( an opponent); outwit; defeat.

Part of speech: noun

A game of cards played by from two to six persons.

Part of speech: noun

The act of euchring or of being euchred.

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Usage examples "euchre":

  1. I've played many a game of euchre with him in which he cheated me out of money that I'd be glad to have now; and I'm satisfied that he does not know of any change in me. - "Taken Alive", E. P. Roe.
  2. Euchre was the game generally played; he was well able to hold his hand, and seldom lost. - "The Expressman and the Detective", Allan Pinkerton.
  3. It was plain to Melicent that she had taken advantage of having fat Miss Bloomdale for a partner, who went to euchre parties only to show her hands and rings. - "At Fault", Kate Chopin.