Part of speech: noun

A process of engraving by means of the biting of an acid.

Part of speech: noun

An impression from an etched plate.

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Usage examples "etching":

  1. As he holds the wheel in those clever hands of his, we fill and light his pipe for him, and half a dozen of his illuminating phrases give us a clear- cut etching of the winter story. - "The New North", Agnes Deans Cameron.
  2. The flashing, wit, the masterly touches which bring out the characters with all the detail of a fine old copper etching; the marvelous use of realism by this, its first prophet; the sure knowledge of the perspective and background best adapted to each episode; the racy style, so smooth, so elegant, so simple when the educated are speaking, beguile the reader and blind him, at first, to the many discrepancies and incoherences with which the text, as we have it, is marred. - "The Satyricon, Complete", Petronius Arbiter.
  3. Etching by Rembrandt, shown in original size. - "Rembrandt's Etching Technique: An Example", Peter Morse.