Part of speech: verb

To marry; engage or bestow in marriage.

Part of speech: verb

To become an advocate of, as a cause or claim.

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Usage examples "espouse":

  1. In a dispute of this sort, should not we, in whom is planted the faculty of reasoning as well as of imagining and perceiving, espouse the cause of Reason? - "The Consolation of Philosophy", Boethius.
  2. No, Ibrac; Misnar were beneath our vengeance or our art, did not Mahomet espouse him, and his mean vassals, the good genii of mankind! - "Eastern Tales by Many Story Tellers", Various.
  3. When eight brothers had prepared their nuptials, Eight stepsisters ready to espouse them, Hardly was the marriage service ended Ere we built us eight white dwellings, sister! - "Servian Popular Poetry", John Bowring.