Part of speech: noun

A level open space, as before a fortress, for promenading.

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Usage examples "esplanade":

  1. Master Tom, not being averse to renewing his flirtation with Miss Carry and her sister, notwithstanding his being enthralled by Lizzie, determined to pay a call at the Inskip's little cottage, on the Bigton esplanade, a morning or two after, and proposed to Markworth that he should accompany himself and Pringle. - "Caught in a Trap", John C. Hutcheson.
  2. Meantime after we have had breakfast you can walk along this esplanade, and see something of the place. - "A Daughter of the Union", Lucy Foster Madison.
  3. But, on the seventh day, learning that there was to be a meet and that a carriage had been sent to Aumale Station in the morning, Lupin took up his post in a cluster of box and laurels which surrounded the little esplanade in front of the gate. - "The Crystal Stopper", Maurice LeBlanc.