Part of speech: noun

Complete and various scholarship.

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Usage examples "erudition":

  1. Yet there remain a certain number of writers, who, their reputation being derived wholly or mainly from their treatment of subjects of science and erudition, are better dealt with separately. - "A Short History of French Literature", George Saintsbury.
  2. They got on charmingly until after crossing over the letter O, as a matter of course they came to P and Q. " Look here," said Aunt Comfort, with a look of profound erudition, " here's anoder O. What's de use of having two of 'em?" - "The Garies and Their Friends", Frank J. Webb.
  3. As a person of erudition, it pleased me greatly, my boy, to observe that our more moral New York regiments cultivate a taste for reading, and are even so literary that they can't so much as light their pipes without a leaf out of a hymn- book. - "The Orpheus C. Kerr Papers. Series 1", Robert H. Newell.