Part of speech: noun

A weasel - like carnivore, especially in its winter dress of white, with black tailtip.

Part of speech: noun

Its fur, used in Europe for the facings of official robes, as of judges; hence, the judicial office, or its ideal purity.

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Usage examples "ermine":

  1. She wore the robes of a queen, purple and ermine- diamonds blazed on the beautiful neck, arms, and fingers, and a tiara of the same brilliants crowned her regal head. - "The Midnight Queen", May Agnes Fleming.
  2. They that wear crowns love not to see disgrace befall the meanest of their blood, for something of the taint may sully even the ermine of Majesty. - "The Water-Witch or, The Skimmer of the Seas", James Fenimore Cooper.
  3. " Well, he's awfully picturesque," said Patty, quite undisturbed by her ignorance of the play, and looking admiringly at Lear's magnificent court robes of velvet and ermine, and his long, flowing white hair and beard, and the garland of flowers that lay loosely on the glistening white wig and trailed down behind. - "Patty's Social Season", Carolyn Wells.