Part of speech: adjective

Of, pertaining to, or like, a horse.

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Usage examples "equine":

  1. And poor Dandy, like an equine Tantalus, was robbed of the needed fluid. - "Marion's Faith.", Charles King.
  2. Away they went, Fatima infusing life and frolic into the equine as Euphra into the human portion of the cavalcade. - "David Elginbrod", George MacDonald.
  3. A roar of laughter and approval followed, but the laughter had an ominous ring in it; and I saw Sergeant Mackay, who had been sitting still as an equine statue in his saddle on the outskirts of the crowd, push his horse through the thickest of the shouting men. - "The Mistress of Bonaventure", Harold Bindloss.