Usage examples for environ

  1. You will prate before mobs of Lord Salisbury's jobs and the villainous schemes of the Kaiser, Which will make them believe you've a plan up your sleeve if they'd only take you for adviser; You may cheerfully speak of assisting the Greek 'gainst the foes that his country environ: 'Tis improbable quite you'll be wanted to fight, and the phrase will remind them of Byron. – Lyra Frivola by A. D. Godley
  2. The difficulties which environ explanations are invaribly in favor of the rogue, just because fiction is more plausible often than truth. – The Bramleighs Of Bishop's Folly by Charles James Lever
  3. So much hath the earth in roundness and of height environ, after mine opinion and mine understanding. – The-Travels-of-Sir-John-Mandeville by Mandeville, John, Sir