Part of speech: verb

To swallow up in or as in a gulf. Ingulf.

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Usage examples "engulf":

  1. There, for the first time, I saw a steam- ferry, and, to say the truth, I do not understand well how horses and waggons could have been transported over before the existence of steamboats, as, in that particular spot, the mighty stream rolls its muddy waters with an incredible velocity, forming whirlpools, which seem strong enough to engulf anything that may come into them. - "Monsieur Violet", Frederick Marryat.
  2. The sands are fast encroaching upon them, and threaten soon to engulf them, unless man shall resort to artesian wells and plantations, or to some other efficient means of checking the advance of this formidable enemy, in time to save these islands of the waste from final destruction. - "The Earth as Modified by Human Action", George P. Marsh.
  3. As it is, we all tread on quicksands of mystery, that may open and engulf us at any instant. - "The Life Radiant", Lilian Whiting.