Part of speech: noun

The act or art of cutting designs on a plate; an engraved design, plate, or print.

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Usage examples "engraving":

  1. In the Fireside Companion, the Gentleman wearing one always had Curls, and the Wood- Engraving caught him in the act of striking a Lady in the Face and saying " Curse you!" - "Ade's Fables", George Ade.
  2. In this engraving Smith is clad in armor, with a high starched collar, and full beard and mustache formally cut. - "Captain John Smith", Charles Dudley Warner Last Updated: February 22, 2009.
  3. On the north- west part of the Goodwins, which is that given in the engraving, it is hard, but not so hard as elsewhere. - "Heroes of the Goodwin Sands", Thomas Stanley Treanor.