Part of speech: verb

To bring into existence; produce.

Part of speech: verb

To come in to being.

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Usage examples "engender":

  1. It was bad enough to have suffered one's self in such a cause; still he could conceive, he was large- minded enough to grant, that Agellius might have some secret satisfaction in the antagonist feeling of resentment and obstinacy which that suffering might engender: but it was carrying matters too far, and no comfort in any point of view, to find Callista, his beloved, the object of a similar punishment. - "Callista", John Henry Cardinal Newman.
  2. Still less serviceable are those schemes of rescuing " the unemployed," which, in the very work of rescue, engender an economic force whose operation causes as much unemployment as it cures. - "Problems of Poverty", John A. Hobson.
  3. Yet thus ever, they say, must fair hap abiding with a man engender bad with good. - "The Extant Odes of Pindar", Pindar.