Part of speech: adverb

Again; once more.

Part of speech: adverb

Once more; again.

Part of speech: verb

To call for a repetition, as of a performance.

Part of speech: noun

The call for a repetition, as of a performance; also, the repetition itself.

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Usage examples "encore":

  1. Or the monologist may have a good finishing song and knows that he can depend on it for an encore that will bring him back to tell more stories and sing another song. - "Writing for Vaudeville", Brett Page.
  2. Except for this accident she would have responded to the enthusiastic calls of " Encore!" - "For the Sake of the School", Angela Brazil.
  3. An' mebbe you will not believe to me, But w'en we come back on de camp encore De sponge of dat Englishman don't be see, An' we fin' beeg bear she's go dead on shore. - "The Habitant and Other French-Canadian Poems", William Henry Drummond.