Part of speech: noun

An important trading place; a mart; a bazaar or large department - store.

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Usage examples "emporium":

  1. To crown all, a national university was to make this emporium powerful in collective thought. - "The Emancipation of Massachusetts", Brooks Adams.
  2. The newspapers gave half a column of blame to the little girl who tried to steal a two- dollar scarf from the Emporium, but there was nothing but admiration for Ella on the day when she and a twenty- year- old boy, for a wager, led a woolly white toy lamb, a lamb costing twenty- five dollars, through the streets, from the club to the Palace Hotel. - "Saturday's Child", Kathleen Norris.
  3. The first peacock hatched out was of the male persuasion, she remarked as we stood at the emporium door and watched the men dispersing, their bundles under their arms, each one making direct for his own front door. - "The Golden Bird", Maria Thompson Daviess.