Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: verb

To set free, as from slavery.

Part of speech: noun


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Usage examples "emancipate":

  1. Emancipate the ego from the body before even planning. - "Seed Thoughts for Singers", Frank Herbert Tubbs.
  2. However objectively we try to present to ourselves the data of history, we cannot emancipate ourselves from the need to present them from a point of view which must in the last resort be our own. - "The Unity of Civilization", Various.
  3. That then, indignant that the Romans demanded those, whosoever had besieged Saguntum, to be delivered up to them, as on account of a crime, they had passed the Iberus to blot out the name of the Romans, and to emancipate the world. - "The History of Rome; Books Nine to Twenty-Six", Titus Livius.