Part of speech: noun

Plural of ELF.

Part of speech: adjective


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Usage examples "elves":

  1. It is these strange phenomena that are familiar, too, in the northern plains of Europe which must have given rise to the belief in elves and other weird creations of the brain-" the earth has bubbles as the water has"- not half as weird, though, as some realities are in the land which I love. - "Over Prairie Trails", Frederick Philip Grove.
  2. " It is the elves of light dancing round the room," said Birger with a laugh. - "Gerda in Sweden", Etta Blaisdell McDonald.
  3. An edition of Kirk's Secret Commonwealth of Elves and Fairies, published in 1815, has been attributed to Scott. - "Sir Walter Scott as a Critic of Literature", Margaret Ball.