Part of speech: noun

One who is skilled in or teaches elocution.

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Usage examples "elocutionist":

  1. I once met an American elocutionist who could recite ten of Shakespeare's plays, and he showed me the wonderful system of mnemonics by which he achieved the miracle. - "Pebbles on the Shore", Alpha of the Plough (Alfred George Gardiner).
  2. He says he will not endure another cut- he simply cannot, and- And support an elocutionist? - "The Lookout Man", B. M. Bower.
  3. There was an actor from the Dramatic Theatre, who was a great talent of established reputation, as well as an elegant, intelligent, and modest man, and a capital elocutionist, and who taught Olga Ivanovna to recite; there was a singer from the opera, a good- natured, fat man who assured Olga Ivanovna, with a sigh, that she was ruining herself, that if she would take herself in hand and not be lazy she might make a remarkable singer; then there were several artists, and chief among them Ryabovsky, a very handsome, fair young man of five- and- twenty who painted genre pieces, animal studies, and landscapes, was successful at exhibitions, and had sold his last picture for five hundred roubles. - "The Wife and Other Stories", Anton Chekhov.