Part of speech: noun

The omission of a word or words.

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Usage examples "ellipsis":

  1. Almost all the irregularities in the construction of any language have arisen from the ellipsis of some words which were originally inserted in the sentence and made it regular. - "Slips of Speech", John H. Bechtel.
  2. He left the ellipsis to be filled in by the corpulent blackguard's intelligence. - "The Black Bag", Louis Joseph Vance.
  3. Sensible though she was of the ellipsis, and afraid it would never be filled in if she interrupted, Sofia could not help uttering a sound of regret and pity for the lot of the mother she had never seen, whose untimely death had ended a life accounted unendurable as Victor's wife, for reasons unknown but none the less, to the daughter, vaguely and lamentably understandable. - "Red Masquerade", Louis Joseph Vance.