Part of speech: noun

A measure of length now rarely used; in England, 45 inches.

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Usage examples "ell":

  1. The interior of the house was one large room; and a smaller room, like an ell, at the back. - "Marjorie's Vacation", Carolyn Wells.
  2. No one can relegate with justice the status of Indian architecture to a lower place when the Orapaks Treasure House of Powhatan had a larger floor area than that of the greatest mansion of all Virginia in the seventeenth century- Sir William Berkeley's home, " The Green Spring," near Jamestown- which is shown in our diagram without the " ell" addition. - "Virginia Architecture in the Seventeenth Century", Henry Chandlee Forman.
  3. Certainly not, according to his own admission; and yet he maintains, page 33, that productive services have not varied if they receive the same quantity of a commodity, notwithstanding the cost of production of that commodity may have fallen from 40 to 30 francs per ell. - "Letters of David Ricardo to Thomas Robert Malthus, 1810-1823", David Ricardo.