Part of speech: adjective

Capable of being chosen; worthy of acceptnce.

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Usage examples "eligible":

  1. All citizens are equally eligible to the public employments of the state, of which, however, the emoluments are so scanty, as only to make them objects of honourable ambition. - "A tour through some parts of France, Switzerland, Savoy, Germany and Belgium", Richard Boyle Bernard.
  2. The governor of the State and the Supreme Court judges treated her like a private hostess; middle- aged Miss Trotter was considered as eligible a match as the proudest heiress in California. - "From Sand Hill to Pine", Bret Harte.
  3. He was eligible, he was handsome, and he was always in a good humour, for the place and the life pleased him, and all things smiled. - "Fated to Be Free", Jean Ingelow.