Part of speech: noun

A large quadruped with tusks and a flexible proboscis.

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Usage examples "elephant":

  1. All down the line I had kept an eye for suspicious characters with an eye upon me; but even my self- consciousness failed to discover one; and I reached my haven of peace, and of fresh fell air, feeling, I suppose, much like any other fool who has spent his money upon a white elephant. - "Dead Men Tell No Tales", E. W. Hornung.
  2. Then the chief servant went back to the king and said, " The Elephant is not sick, but he is lonely without his friend, the Dog." - "More Jataka Tales", Re-told by Ellen C. Babbitt.
  3. You pick out a big one, he says, and you build a little cupalo up on top of him and climb up into it by means of a ladder, and set there in this little furnished room with a good book, and smoke and pass the time away while your good old saddle elephant does the work. - "Ma Pettengill", Harry Leon Wilson.