What does the word eleemosynary mean?

Usage examples for eleemosynary

  1. But it excites our wonder and grief that statesmen, who have superfluous means for covering the country with barracks, should find themselves unable to establish comfortable asylums for all the poor who are incurably diseased, in which they should be so provided for, that it would be as criminal in them to ask, as in others to afford them, eleemosynary relief. – A Morning's Walk from London to Kew by Richard Phillips
  2. The Majority Report, which amongst other things said, " We consider it obvious that Irish development will not be fully served by the railways until they cease to be commercial undertakings," found favour mostly, I think, with those who looked upon Ireland as an exceptional country requiring eleemosynary treatment, and whose railways ought, in their view, to be placed beyond the ordinary healthy necessity of paying their way. – Fifty Years of Railway Life in England, Scotland and Ireland by Joseph Tatlow