Part of speech:

A combining form representing electric in composition.

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Usage examples "electro":

  1. The instrument would have resembled a bulky pair of electro- binoculars with its twin tubes and eyepieces, had not there been, underneath the tubes, a small, compact box which by Leithgow- magic revealed the world through infra- red light by one tube, and ultra- violet the other. - "The Passing of Ku Sui", Anthony Gilmore.
  2. But, to tell you the truth, I'd rather be excused from expressing an opinion on that operation in wholesale electro- plating just at present. - "The Moon Metal", Garrett P. Serviss.
  3. It can generate through its electro- motor system far beyond the kindly normal, to the highest known fever heat, and is capable of modulations far above or below normal. - "Philosophy of Osteopathy", Andrew T. Still.