Part of speech: noun

The body of electors or voters, collectively.

Part of speech: noun

Formerly, the rank or territory of an elector in the old German empire.

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Usage examples "electorate":

  1. And the Chamber, impressed by these words, fearing, too, lest the electorate should at last grow utterly weary of the continuous overflow of filth, had adjourned the interpellation to that day month. - "Paris From the "Three Cities"", Emile Zola.
  2. Probably, France would now consent to the exchange of the Austrian Netherlands, to be created into a kingdom for the Duke de Deux- ponts, against the electorate of Bavaria. - "Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson", Thomas Jefferson.
  3. And in Lower Canada there were many Roman Catholic laymen whose hearts were with him, and who were themselves entering upon a momentous struggle to free the electorate from clerical control. - "George Brown", John Lewis.