Part of speech: verb

To choose by vote; select; appoint to salvation.

Part of speech: adjective

Elected, as to office.

Part of speech: adjective

Chosen of God for salvation; of saintly character.

Part of speech: noun

A person or persons elected, favored, or preferred.

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Usage examples "elect":

  1. How much was there of her left, of her little stock of pride, of her faith in herself as one of the elect, her belief in the great miracle that was to happen to her? - "The Song of Songs", Hermann Sudermann.
  2. Haughton, taking the hand of his bride- elect and leading her up the steps; " your future mistress, and if you are as faithful to us both as you have been to myself you will do well." - "A Heart-Song of To-day", Annie Gregg Savigny.
  3. Since Bob did not come back this year the eleven will have to meet and elect a new captain. - "Over the Line", Harold M. Sherman.