Part of speech: noun

A plant of the genus Rosa; the sweetbrier.

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Usage examples "eglantine":

  1. I rose at an early hour, and looked out between the branches of eglantine which overhung the casement. - "Abbotsford and Newstead Abbey", Washington Irving.
  2. Chaucer saluted his king and queen in the Parlement of Foules, which though partially based on the fabliau of Hucline and Eglantine and containing passages from Dante and Boccaccio, is in all essentials a thoroughly original work. - "Chaucer and His Times", Grace E. Hadow.
  3. In the 17th century all the Chambers of Rhetoric had disappeared with the single exception of the famous " Old Chamber" at Amsterdam, known as The Blossoming Eglantine, to which the leading spirits of the Golden Age of Dutch Literature belonged and which presided over the birth of the Dutch Stage. - "History of Holland", George Edmundson.