Part of speech: noun

A resident; inhabitant.

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Usage examples "dweller":

  1. 46. Fire I strike over thee, dweller of the wood! - "The Elder Eddas of Saemund Sigfusson; and the Younger Eddas of Snorre Sturleson", Saemund Sigfusson and Snorre Sturleson.
  2. As he came in by the hall door one day Mary was carrying upstairs a large water bucket, the portage of which two or three times a day is so heavy a strain on the dweller in tenements. - "Mary, Mary", James Stephens Commentator: Padraic Colum.
  3. O dweller in my heart, the music thine! - "The Poetical Works of Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton, Bart. M.P.", Edward Bulwer Lytton.