Part of speech: noun

A pigeon.

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Usage examples "duv":

  1. He carried stones to Crom Duv. - "The King of Ireland's Son", Padraic Colum.
  2. " I know," the cleric continued, " that Duv Laca will not agree with a word I say on this subject, and that she will try to prevent you from doing what you have a right to do, for that is a wife's business, but a man's business is to do what I have just told you; so come with me now and do not wait to think about it, and do not wait to play any more chess. - "Irish Fairy Tales", James Stephens.
  3. Said he: Mongan loved Duv Laca of the White Hand better than he loved his life, better than he loved his honour. - "Irish Fairy Tales", James Stephens.