Part of speech: verb

To speak slowly and lazily.

Part of speech: noun

Spiritless utterance.

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Usage examples "drawl":

  1. Roderick was silent sometimes for hours, with a puzzled look on his face and a constant fold between his even eyebrows; at other times he talked unceasingly, with a slow, idle, half- nonsensical drawl. - "Roderick Hudson", Henry James.
  2. It was caught in one hand, given a dexterous twist and sent flying into the road as Shelby said in his quiet drawl: Don't get excited. - "Peggy Stewart at School", Gabrielle E. Jackson.
  3. Hamil accepted as simply as the invitation was given; Mrs. Cardross exchanged a few words with her husband in that perfectly natural drawl which at first might have been mistaken for languid affectation; then she smiled at Hamil and turned around in her basket chair, parasol tilted, and the black boy began slowly pedalling her away across the lawn. - "The Firing Line", Robert W. Chambers.