Part of speech: verb

To consign to death or ruin; condemn.

Part of speech: noun

The act of dooming, or the state of being doomed; sad or evil destiny; condemnation; sentence.

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Usage examples "doom":

  1. As well attempt to resist Doom. - "In the Brooding Wild", Ridgwell Cullum.
  2. Then Khalbas used to attend the learned man's assembly, whilst the other would go in to his wife and be very much with her, on such wise as he thought good, till the learned man arose from his meeting; and when Khalbas saw that he proposed rising, he would speak a word for the lover to hear, whereupon he went forth from the wife of Khalbas who knew not that doom was in his own home. - "Supplemental Nights, Volume 1", Richard F. Burton.
  3. Her voice had a note of doom. - "The Bat", Avery Hopwood Mary Roberts Rinehart.