Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: noun

A doctrine, as of a creed resting on authority; a dictum.

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Usage examples "dogma":

  1. We often hear the cry for " simple preaching," by which one school intends " simple instruction in plain, practical matters, avoiding mere dogma," and another intends " the simple gospel," by which is meant the repetition over and over again of the great truth, " Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved." - "The Expositor's Bible: Colossians and Philemon", Alexander Maclaren.
  2. Over Francis Newman, dogma and the authority of the Church had no sway. - "Memoir and Letters of Francis W. Newman", Giberne Sieveking.
  3. He carries the whole dogma of the Church in his face and shoulders, this old priest, but he is a good man and sincere. - "Seeds of Pine", Janey Canuck.