Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: noun

The state of being diverse; unlikeness.

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Usage examples "diversity":

  1. Consider also the extraordinary diversity of human characters in respect both of morality and spirituality though all are living in the same world. - "Thoughts on Religion", George John Romanes.
  2. It is curious to observe the remarkable diversity in the accounts given by recent emigrants to this country of their treatment, and of the manners and character of the people in the United States and in Canada. - "Roughing it in the Bush", Susanna Moodie.
  3. Not only was there a difference of opinion between the two groups of commissioners, but the American government was in doubt about the wisest course to pursue, and grave diversity of opinion existed among the people and in the peace commission itself. - "The United States Since The Civil War", Charles Ramsdell Lingley.