What does the word distillery mean?

Usage examples for distillery

  1. As early as five o'clock Mr Crathie was abroad, booted and spurred- now directing the workmen who were setting up tents and tables; now conferring with house steward, butler, or cook; now mounting his horse and galloping off to the home farm or the distillery, or into the town to the Lossie Arms, where certain guests from a distance were to be accommodated, and whose landlady had undertaken the superintendence of certain of the victualling departments; for canny Mr Crathie would not willingly have the meanest guest ask twice for anything he wanted- so invaluable did he consider a good word from the humblest quarter - and the best labours of the French cook, even had he reverenced instead of despising Scotch dishes, would have ill sufficed for the satisfaction of appetites critically appreciative of hotch potch, sheep's head, haggis, and black puddings. – Malcolm by George MacDonald
  2. The monk in charge of the distillery also receives visitors and converses with them. – The Garden Of Allah by Robert Hichens