What does the word dissimilar mean?

    Part of speech: adverb

  • Dissimilarly.

  • Part of speech: adjective

  • Unlike; different.

Usage examples for dissimilar

  1. Imagine these planets to be vastly increased in number, and those orbits which are much inclined to the rest flattened down and otherwise adjusted, and we should have a ring surrounding the sun, thus producing an arrangement not dissimilar from that now attributed to Saturn. – The Story of the Heavens by Robert Stawell Ball
  2. We are conscious of two totally dissimilar feelings in contemplating them respectively. – Modern Atheism under its forms of Pantheism, Materialism, Secularism, Development, and Natural Laws by James Buchanan
  3. The most dissimilar thing about them had been their faces. – Beggars on Horseback by F. Tennyson Jesse