Part of speech: noun

Lack of respect; discourtesy.

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Usage examples "disrespect":

  1. Her free, bold words were too coldly proud for any thought of disrespect. - "The Unknown Sea", Clemence Housman.
  2. But this concentration on the University sermon and disrespect for the altar went further, for, with the legacy of Mr. William Worts, the existing galleries were put up in 1735, the Cockpit was altered, and other changes made which Mr. A. H. Thompson has vividly described: ... - "Beautiful Britain--Cambridge", Gordon Home.
  3. When girls or boys set themselves up in opposition to those older and wiser than themselves, they manifest the greatest disrespect they are capable of; but I am willing to forgive the past, if you assure me, as I think you will, after a night's reflection, that you have returned to a right sense of your duty. - "The Lamplighter", Maria S. Cummins.