What does the word disqualify mean?

Usage examples for disqualify

  1. As he would not, therefore, try to conciliate Almagro's adherents, it was clearly the governor's policy to regard them as enemies, - not the less so for being in disguise, - and to take such measures as should disqualify them for doing mischief. – History-of-the-Conquest-of-Peru-with-a-preliminary-view-of-the-civilization-of-the-Incas by Prescott, William Hickling
  2. It simply gives the man on trial the right to disqualify the Judge on the ground of bias on the slightest pretext. – Story of the Session of the California Legislature of 1909 by Franklin Hichborn
  3. The more conspicuous diseases which for at least several months absolutely disqualify an apartment for obstetrical purposes are diphtheria, pneumonia, pleurisy, erysipelas, scarlet fever, typhoid fever, tuberculosis of all varieties, and every sort of discharging sore. – The Prospective Mother A Handbook for Women During Pregnancy by J. Morris Slemons