Part of speech: noun

One who disposes or orders.

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Usage examples "disposer":

  1. Oh, Fortune, thou blind disposer of human events, when wilt thou make a man of me? - "The Politician Out-Witted", Samuel Low.
  2. At any rate, I saw her shoving her shirt into the disposer chute. - "The Moralist", Jack Taylor.
  3. I have, therefore, abundant cause of gratitude to that Right Honourable Lord, for his kind remembrance of us on this occasion, as well as for his kindness in permitting me to avail myself of the benefit of this act; and I have on this, as on all other occasions, abundant cause of thankfulness to the Great Disposer of all events, not only for what He has permitted me to enjoy, but for what He has withheld from me; for He only knows what is really good for me, and I doubt not will give me always that. - "Twenty-Five Years in the Rifle Brigade", William Surtees.