Part of speech: verb

To divert; play; sport.

Part of speech: noun

Diversion; sport.

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Usage examples "disport":

  1. Again and again she was driven from her course towards the low rocks on the other side of the bay, and again and again, returned to disport herself, like a sea- animal, as it seemed, upon the backs of the wild, rolling, and bursting billows. - "The Seaboard Parish, Complete", George MacDonald.
  2. As they rode the streets of the good town, they noted of them, that though it was evening wherein folk do much disport them abroad, there were women and children enough in the streets or standing at their doors, but of carles very few, and they for the more part grey- heads. - "The Water of the Wondrous Isles", William Morris.
  3. And above the chamber of this chariot that the emperor sitteth in be set upon a perch four or five or six gerfalcons, to that intent, that when the emperor seeth any wild fowl, that he may take it at his own list, and have the disport and the play of the flight, first with one, and after with another; and so he taketh his disport passing by the country. - "The-Travels-of-Sir-John-Mandeville", Mandeville, John, Sir.