Part of speech: verb

To make manifest or conspicuous; parade; open; unfold; expose; make a display.

Part of speech: noun

The act of spreading out, unfolding, or bringing to the view or to the mind; ostentatious show.

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Usage examples "display":

  1. But the woman kept herself well in hand, since the public display of grief is forbidden and they who sorrow must sorrow alone. - "The Log of a Noncombatant", Horace Green.
  2. You should display an elegant indifference, a pray- stay- if- you've- a- mind- to- but- don't- imagine- that- I- want- you kind of attitude. - "The Keeper of the Door", Ethel M. Dell.
  3. The new- comer has not yet been tried, whereas if he has done his duty during his time of office, it is at the point of his departure that display of gratitude is becoming. - "India and the Indians", Edward F. Elwin.