Part of speech: verb

To pay out, as money.

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Usage examples "disburse":

  1. Henry Roundtree, a missionary, was laboring among them, and would disburse clothing sent to that point. - "A Woman's Life-Work Labors and Experiences", Laura S. Haviland.
  2. Next follow clauses regarding the payment of the money, whereby the Cardinal agrees to disburse sums in advance. - "The Life of Michelangelo Buonarroti", John Addington Symonds.
  3. Exhilarating air- good as champagne without " morning after"- up early- go to bed late- authorities provide something better than a broken- down pier, a circulating library, and a rickety bathing- machine- authorities disburse large sums for benefit of visitors- visitors spend lots of money in town- mutual satisfaction- place crowded- capital bands- excellent theatricals - varied entertainments- right way to do it! - "Mr. Punch at the Seaside", Various.