Part of speech: noun

The choice and arrangement of words and modes of expression.

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Usage examples "diction":

  1. Without the Fable the Poet, who had otherwise good Manners, Sentiments, and Diction, would no more have made a regular Poem, than a Painter would have made a good Picture that had mingled Blue, Yellow, Red, and other Colours confusedly together. - "An Essay on Criticism", John Oldmixon.
  2. That simplicity of diction, the melancholy flowing of the numbers, the solemnity of the sound, and the easy turn of the words, are extremely elegant. - "The Lives of the Poets of Great Britain and Ireland (1753),Vol. V.", Theophilus Cibber.
  3. To be compelled to forego a knowledge of half of what such a master of diction as Mr. Reiss was saying was a new sensation to his admirers who understand German. - "A Second Book of Operas", Henry Edward Krehbiel.