Part of speech: noun

A fine figured silken or linen cloth.

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Usage examples "diaper":

  1. You must have a little, dear; and you'll take Louisa Diaper with you, of course; and you shall have one of my carriages, and I'll send a servant with you, and he'll arrange everything; and how soon do you wish to go? - "Checkmate", Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu.
  2. At the diaper level, life is just one damp thing after another. - "Lighter Than You Think", Nelson Bond.
  3. All the shafts were covered with gilt diaper and the capitals with gold; crockets were fixed to the outer sides of the pointed arches of the central octagon, and inside it were placed figures of saints standing on Gothic corbels under canopies of beautiful tabernacle work. - "Portuguese Architecture", Walter Crum Watson.