Part of speech: verb

To uncover or unfold; perfect by degrees; increase.

Part of speech: verb

To advance by degrees; come to light or completion gradually; disclose itself. develope.

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Usage examples "develop":

  1. The dawn of reason will doubtless help to develop obedience; but obedience is yet more necessary to the development of reason. - "Weighed and Wanting", George MacDonald.
  2. It is a good deal easier to throw overboard good and evil together, than to separate them carefully and to develop the good into a power. - "Amusement: A Force in Christian Training", Rev. Marvin R. Vincent..
  3. Shrewd, cautious, daring, the Red Fox Pup bade fair at this stage of his career to develop the best set of brains in all the North Woods. - "The Adventures of Fleetfoot and Her Fawns", Allen Chaffee.