Part of speech: adjective

Definite; fixed.

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Usage examples "determinate":

  1. But if the state of the brain is also determinate when the state of the mind is given, it must be exactly as true to regard matter as subject to mind as it would be to regard mind as subject to matter. - "Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays", Bertrand Russell.
  2. As sluggishly determinate as two black turtles trailing along a white sand beach, her great dark eyes in her little pale face seemed headed suddenly toward some Far- Away Idea. - "Little Eve Edgarton", Eleanor Hallowell Abbott.
  3. Our deeds, judged in the light of a reasonable survey of life- a survey of life such as that to which, when we form our opinions, and when we act on our opinions, we intend to appeal- are, for a determinate purpose, either hits or misses. - "The Sources Of Religious Insight", Josiah Royce.