Part of speech: adjective

Of or like a demon; devilish. demoniacal, demonic.

Part of speech: noun

One possessed of a demon; a lunatic.

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Usage examples "demoniac":

  1. No other living thing could possess such demoniac little red- hot pin points of eyes, or be so bristly and grisly and vicious. - "The Unspeakable Perk", Samuel Hopkins Adams.
  2. Blood was let but no great hurt done save that it roused him to a demoniac fury. - "A Pagan of the Hills", Charles Neville Buck.
  3. These wild paroxysms, half- pathetic, half- demoniac, tell splendidly with the public: a little dash of blasphemy now, and you are perfect. - "Mabel's Mistake", Ann S. Stephens.