Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: verb

To bequeth; pass by bequest; give; convey; lease.

Part of speech: noun

Death, as of a sovereign; a transfer of property.

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Usage examples "demise":

  1. Dead men, my dear young lady, tell no tales, nor have I ever heard of a living one proclaiming his own demise. - "Antony Gray,--Gardener", Leslie Moore.
  2. You don’ t mind my choosing a restful place for my early demise, do you? - "The Best Policy", Elliott Flower.
  3. Perhaps they should not have taken the happening quite so much to heart but Tim Mooney and Ruth Chesterton somehow felt as though they had been condemned in the eyes of the coach and his demise now offered them no opportunity to redeem themselves. - "Interference and Other Football Stories", Harold M. Sherman.