Part of speech: verb

To make laborious research; dig; fathom.

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Usage examples "delve":

  1. They learnt to hoe: they learnt to plough: To delve and dig was all their joy: But O in ways we know not now Those candidates we did employ: No more, accepting of a bribe To take these persons off our hands, We sent them off, a studious tribe, To distant climes and foreign lands. - "Lyra Frivola", A. D. Godley.
  2. There is no necessity in such a case, as is too often imagined by inexperienced players, to delve down into the turf so that the ball may be lifted up. - "The Complete Golfer [1905]", Harry Vardon.
  3. With this end in view he proceeded to delve into old and new chemistry books. - "Tom Swift among the Fire Fighters or, Battling with Flames from the Air", Victor Appleton.