Part of speech: noun

A colored glazed earthenware made first at Delft, in Holland.

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Usage examples "delft":

  1. So, in the comfortable little oak- panelled dining- room, hung round with my beloved collection of Delft, I had the pair all to myself, one on each side; and in this way I was able to read exchanges of glances whence I might form sage conclusions. - "The Red Planet", William J. Locke.
  2. The manufacture of delft ware was known to have greatly enriched Holland. - "Self Help", Samuel Smiles.
  3. He was hale and hearty; his business was flourishing; his boy was turning out all that should have been expected of one of the Van Riper stock; the refracted sunlight from the walls of the stately house occupied by the Cashier of the Bank of the United States lit with a subdued secondary glimmer the Van Riper silver on the breakfast- table- the squat teapot and slop- bowl, the milk- pitcher, that held a quart, and the apostle- spoon in the broken loaf- sugar on the Delft plate. - "The Story of a New York House", Henry Cuyler Bunner.