Part of speech: noun

The state of being degenerate; the act or process of degenerating.

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Usage examples "degeneracy":

  1. Sipping their tea in the pleasant, sunny room, they discussed matters of common interest- Plank's recent fishing trip on Long Island and the degeneracy of liver- fed trout; the North Side Club's Experiments with European partridges; Billy Fleetwood's new stables; forestry, and the chance of national legislation concerning it- a subject of which Plank was very fond, and on which he had exceedingly sound ideas. - "The Fighting Chance", Robert W. Chambers.
  2. Besides, is there anything that makes more directly for the degeneracy of character than such evasion? - "Love's Final Victory", Horatio.
  3. The genius of the race forbids degeneracy. - "Tropic Days", E. J. Banfield.